Martina Etemadieh

Co-Creating Change and Visions - Coaching and Consulting

Practice Areas


Holistic Coaching & Healing Sessions

Holding the space for you,
I am offering individual and group sessions to enhance conscious living, leadership traits on a personal and professional level, to reconnect to our spirit and true core and to develop the courage to live a meaningful and truthful life.


Consciousness and dialogical coaching,

Vision Work, Meditation, Breath Work, Inner Child Work, Intuitive Soul Work (Visualizations, Symbols) Expressive Elements (painting, writing, dance, sound), Energy Healing, Energy Work (Chakras)

The sessions take place in Hamburg-Ottensen or via Skype or Zoom, I work in German and English


Working with companies to make a difference in the business world. Marketing and Communications consultancy, co-creative approach, team leadership, global and local brand work, complex project lead, sustainable and ethical projects preferred.


Artist by heart, spending every free minute painting, writing, dancing, offering workshops and talks on the topic of creativity and self-expression


"After the Week Cool Down Salon"

"Poesie des Lebens self expression workshops".

New dates will follow soon.

About ME

My trainings:

Spiritual Coaching 3 year training with Barbara von Meibom, Heiner Max Alberti and Anna Gamma

Energy Healing training with Henrike Peláez based on Marita Jensen-Bruss

Conscious Coaching training with Creative Consciousness International

Mindfulness Meditation teacher training with Punnu Singh Wasu, Bali

Consciousness & Spirituality Studies, Alef Trust, UK

Leading for creativity training with IDEO U

Weiterbildung zur Psychologischen Beraterin (Paracelsus, Gerusia)

Acting training, Lee Strasberg Institute, Warren Robertson & Theatre of the Oppressed (all USA) and practice (theatre, films, commercials)

Originally trained in Marketing-Communications and Languages

Talks and events about consciousness, humanity, contemporary spirituality, creativity, leadership. I give talks in English and German.

Mitglied im Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e.V.


Creativity workshops

Our own innate creativity is the source of all life and the place of longing for our soul.To connect with it is what makes us feel alive and touches others… and what will ultimately change the world.

Discover your own creativity and enjoy the play with different forms of self expression.



We are here to create beauty and elevate our consciousness. 





I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no melancholy – Charles Baudelaire


Hamburg Ottensen, Germany